Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi

Scultura, Architettura, Paesaggio, Legno, 91.4x228x91.4cm
Axis Mundi is represented through stacking and gluing of nearly 3,000 square blocks of wood. The blocks of wood were cut from over 100, 2.4 meter pieces of lumber. There are 8 solid sections that fit atop each other in a puzzle like composition. After gluing, each section was shaped on a custom hand lathe turning machine that allowed the work to transition a continuous fluting system. There are twenty flutes, similar to that found in Doric Order of the Parthenon columns. Burn marks left in the grooves from the sanding process accentuate natural wood rings and fibers throughout the piece. A scattering of blocks are installed alongside the solid base of the form. Sections part and fragment as the object is stacked higher, ultimately taking on a broken and ruined look.

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Alfonso Camplone
8 anni fa
...bel lavoro! Complimenti!
Stefano Giovannone
8 anni fa
ottimo lavoro, almeno la foto lo presenta bene...complimenti e buona fortuna

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