Thunderous Silence, the begin

Video, Astratto geometrico, Figura umana, Animazione, 00:00
“It is Horizontal Equilibrium, it is movement –– Life. All life is composed of vibrating frequencies, each of them emits a sound. All of life is emitting sound –– that is the effect of vibration. The organic matter that forms human beings generates a frequency that can be represented by sound at approximately 42 octaves above middle C.” [1]
It is a series of lines or lines in sequence. Each line depicts an emotional strain, the sequence defines the rhythm. A timeline, yes, but a lifeline too. As cold is the lack of warm, dark is the lack of light then black is the lack of white and vice-versa. Black and white are the same thing, identical but differing in gradation. The two opposite color’s vibrations with the one of my body, render a kind of organic geometry to the motif of my oeuvre. Those vibrations, combined together, create a wave. Universe has a sound, this is its frequency.”

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