Bonhomme Daniel Diary

Live Media, Figura umana, Ritratto, Live audio/visual
In this performance - on the road since almost 10 years and always evolving - voices, unrecognizable little noises and homemade electronic music are mixed with prepared video sequences inlaid with improvised live drawings and handwritings.

The main character is Bonhomme Daniel: his (non-)life, his armchair, his common sense thoughts, his beloved sheep skin, his willing loneliness...

Live editing and drawings: Antonin De Bemels
Mask bearers: Bud Blumenthal, Antonin De Bemels, Ugo Dehaes
Soundtrack: Petite porte de bronze
Length of the complete performance: 30 minutes

Contact (booking): bonhommedaniel ->

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Commenti 3

Marinela Asavoaie
8 anni fa
like it!!excellent!
Dianne Kaufman
8 anni fa
Dianne Kaufman Artista
the real thing
Giovanni Longo
8 anni fa
Giovanni Longo Artista
excellent!! ;D

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