Vistas is an experimental infographic presenting 4 different points of view that deal with the perceptions of the humans internal & external world...
R06;'If you can only see what light reveals and hear only what sound announces, Then in truth you do not see nor do you hear.'
- Khalil Gubran

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shawqi  fuad
8 anni fa
shawqi fuad Artista
Nice work !!!
9 anni fa
venditarte Gallerista
wow! near perfect work...
Manuel Hernandez-Stumpfhauser
9 anni fa
I really liked it, congratulations
Ameen Roayan
9 anni fa
Ameen Roayan Artista
Thank you !
enrica merlo
9 anni fa
enrica merlo Artista
Really a great job. Glad I saw your video.

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