Leap of faith

The video leap of faith starts with a shot of the artist wearing a suit, standing on the window’s edge, getting ready to make the leap of his life to the wide open space. The artist is hesitating, having difficulties in creating a momentum to jump, but eventually jumps. Surprisingly he freezes horizontally, while his feet touch the window’s edge - a homage to the known work of Yves Klein "Artist jumps into the void (1959). When the shot opens up it appears that the window from which the artist was afraid to jump is just a few feet above ground. The camera stands still presenting a grotesque and surreal image of the artist hanging between heaven and earth.

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Brigitte Kempers
8 anni fa
Super - I knew it - congratulations on winning!
biagio castilletti
8 anni fa
Donato Rossi
9 anni fa
Donato Rossi Artista
great idea. great work.
I like it!!
Natalia Kessler
9 anni fa
Natalia Kessler Artista
I completely agree with Lusine. Excellent work! My sincere congratulation and respect. Natalia
shahar marcus
9 anni fa
shahar marcus Artista
Thank you very much Lusine
Your words warm my heart.

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