JellyfishMan IIIa/21

JellyfishMan IIIa/21

Grafica Digitale, Figura umana, Computer graphics, 58x58cm
The process of multiplication is the basis of this visual composition. The figural schema is loaded in layers imposed in the individual records. The multiplication makes a distorted perspective of series of the figural objects. The basic theme is a figure hidden in that series. Self-multiple loses its originality. Copies reduce and correct the content errors. The spectrum of the information is degraded or deleted. The result is a summary of the image manipulation, circulates in the changes. The figural material gradually fills the entire area, outgrows it. Visual elements are seen in new detail, in a new context. We are closer to reality only in the estimations. The negative reviews do not dominate, only access conditions complain.

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Gianluca Pantaleo
7 anni fa
Birgit Oestergaard
8 anni fa
Amazing work. My compliment
Teresa Palombini
9 anni fa
E' una bella elaborazione!
9 anni fa
bravissimo !

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