The puppeteer

The puppeteer

Pittura, Astratto informale, Tecnica mista, 50x70cm
The puppeteer

Turns a round dance
The conductor and the puppeteer
Dirty, mean
…And cold
The anxious ugly creature.
Having peeped and having made a course,
Threads pulls and here:
Dolls and animals dance,
Under du-du do not put, not year.
Will pull out heart and will gobble up,
Having bent an awful mouth,
Will cross and will leave,
Having burst out laughing with the puppeteer.
Widely having spaced out,
The people gather,
Suffer now a toy,
Who can will pick up.

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svetlana pesetskaya
9 anni fa
Paolo grazie!!)))
svetlana pesetskaya
9 anni fa
Grazie Giancarlo!
Giancarlo Caporali
9 anni fa

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