recto/verso -  reflecting Charlotte Salomon

recto/verso - reflecting Charlotte Salomon

In this stunning installation Andrea Morein relates with Charlotte Salomon’s moving biography in a unique and subjective manner: Her starting-point were the versos Charlotte Salomon discarded during her work on the cycle „Leben oder Theater?“, which she devalued by pasting lines over them and then turning the sheet around to use its empty backside. This conscious act of codified devaluation fascinated Morein and triggered the idea for her installative piece.

In a metal construction, reflecting man’s imprisonment in all its emotional, time-space-conditioned relational distress, the theme of censoring oneself opposite the Other as well as being censored by the Other is treated on 15 paper-collages held in place by the installation.
Dr. Heimann-Jelinek, Chief Curator Jewish Museum Vienna

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Damon Cureton
7 anni fa
Damon Cureton Artista
great installation, compliments on your work

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