The Immaculate Forest Hula Prayer Dance

The Immaculate Forest Hula Prayer Dance

"Nature Blesses us, oh immaculate forest. Let us take care of you as you take care of us. You give us beauty and food and the air we breath. You are sacred, oh immaculate forest." Abstract Photography

I created this work, which is a re-arranged landscape into symmetric parts, to get the viewer to really look at this natural location, which is a lovely tree by a waterfall. Re-arranging this image, forces one to look at the nature it contains in detail, makes the viewer notice it.

The Hula Dancer sings a prayer to enhance the bond between nature and the people, representing our need to celebrate and manage the environment as a sacred component of our existence; the Hawaiians did and still do have sustainable land management practices.

The Hula Dancer maybe from Hawaii, but nature is universal. I like how the branches of the tree formed wooden Eiffel Tower-like structures in each corner of the waterfall cross and how the orchids fall into pools of water at each direction. The cross represents the four directions, North, South, East, West as well as all the corners of the earth and the sacred bond man has with nature.

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