CHRISTIAN ZANOTTO - 2010 - 3d and digital animation
The video brings us through a travel across an universe of
inner nature ; like a threshold which has been unclosed on an usually
hidden world, its images allow us to catch a foreshortening
of a psycho-philosofical reality, omnipresent and living.
The viewer is confronted with luminous figures emerging from the darkness
of a broad and quite never explored conscience, manifesting themselves
to activate a sort of electric and revealing contact.
A religious-like iconography : the characters resemble icons used
in past times by men for their religion, religion here analyzed in its aspect of
machinery built by means of all the fears,the hopes and the
will to understand the things of the world and control it.
A philosofical and artistic investigation : "..I feel more like ..an entity..";
"..help me,..I'm lost..";
"..are you speaking about..eternity..?";
"I can save myself".

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