Dreams of the garden

"Dreams of the Garden" is a visual poem which examines the eternal mystery of Femminine beauty, seduction, original sin, the fall from grace, and finally remorse. It is perhaps easier to describe the film by first listing what it does not have. "Dreams of the Garden" has no dialogue, no sc<x>ript, no jump cuts, no wit, no irony, and no intellectual underpinnings. What this modest short film does have is: poetry, elegant visuals, trascendental music and great beauty. This mesmerizing film slowly draws the viewer into an ancient floating dream which uses the oldest of all narratives to pay homage to eternal Feminine Beauty.

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Klaus Damm
9 anni fa
Klaus Damm Artista
very beautiful and subtile composition - produced with outstanding skills.
fulvio cartoni
9 anni fa
fulvio cartoni Artista
e viva le donne bravo
Bettina Patermo
9 anni fa
Bettina Patermo Artista
romantic, beautiful, sensible, fantastic composition,an ode to femininity, really great, bettina

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