"Unbearable lightness of being..."

"Unbearable lightness of being..."

Installazione, Politico/Sociale, Materiali vari, 200x300x200cm
(book title only by Milan Kundera) .....

...most of us at some point feel trapped in life, lost, perhaps sad, misunderstood, or just empty like an empty shop.
More often than not we blame something other than ourselves... We maybe feel trapped in a relationship or a job, yet at the same time we can be free & content in other areas of life. Sometimes though we can be just unhappy in life, not knowing our place...

....to feel light as a feather, to feel free. To find this place at some point we find we have to travel into our deep selves, to not dance the night away for release... But in the silence of the night, to fight through the brambles of our fears, our guilt, our unhappiness, our feelings of being trapped to find our own unique light in the cupboard of our soul and let it set us free...

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