mémoire - nuage

mémoire - nuage

Installazione, Astratto geometrico, Metallo, 460x120x5cm
Bought throughout the www, hundreds of second-hand, defective or unused hard discs have been assembled, pierced and screwed to each other, a metaphor of a global cultural osmosis. The particles of the memories of hundreds of human beings are gathered here. The thousand discs of the new media have come to form a large graphico-geometrical structure of water-molecules, of a liquefied memory, in the image of its constant transformation of states, hung in space in the form of a cloud of memory. The informative and ephemeral data in constant movement cross space and time along the flows and networks of circulation, information and communication, a metaphor of the unlimited and free journey of celestial nimbus, but also of the memory storage of personal lives and records to avoid, in daily life, black holes and amnesic turbulence located in the galaxy of Alzheimer. How can memory be sold and consumed? A try to re-form a collective utopian and recycled memory and transfers the failed data sold in the Net to the public realm, questioning intimacy faced up against social networks such as Facebook, but also the place of the individual within the group, of the local within the global.

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