Somnex in Luminem

Somnex in Luminem is a live video/dance/soundscape interaction featuring dancers whose movement and form are abstracted to various degrees to create a projected misc-èn-scene of real-time performance.

The piece being submitted is the live mix recording of both real-time performance and its processed, and video projected, lightpainting-like result.

The core concept of the piece is the play between dream and reality realized as a media conversation executed in space and time. The dancers onstage slowly become self-lit up while their LED lights and their body silhouettes are captured by a camera, which in turn feeds the video into the computer software for live manipulation and projection onto the screen behind the dancers, (please see the photograph submitted under 'project images'). The technology used for the live video manipulation makes possible the abstraction of the real time stage performance into a poetic painting in motion in the background that loosely resembles what's being seen on stage as if in an Alpha (hypnotic) state of dreaming.

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