"Dem Eins Sein Lauschen" (Listening to Existence)

Meditative transitions of organic forms and colours correspond to a wide melody over a soft percussive rhythm.

The artwork uses subtile transformations in transitions leading to silence.

Video and music were composed as 2 parts in a polyphonic relationship to each other.

This file has only demo resolution. The original video is produced in full HD (BluRay).

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 Alessandra Lampiasi
9 anni fa
really a nice work...very spiritual!
bartolo cuva
9 anni fa
bartolo cuva Artista
bravo, molto bravo! bellissimo lavoro!
Raymond St. Arnaud
9 anni fa
Fabulous sound track
jaya  suberg
9 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
shiny and beautiful ...this pic...but i realy want to see the animation..love, jaya

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