Grafica Digitale, Astratto informale, Computer graphics, 210x140x1cm
This artwork belongs to a series of pictures called "in the midst of the singing of phoenix", which symbolizes transformation and transitoriness of being.
Another representation of this work ist the sound-image-composition (ca. 20 minutes duration), world-premiere in the emperor-cathedral in frankfurt during the "luminale" festival 2010. Demo-Video and more artworks from this context:

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eva reguzzoni
9 anni fa
eva reguzzoni Artista
ciao Klaus, sensazione fluttuante leggera tenera!!! aveeva
9 anni fa
DIDEKO Artista
Great, fresh and tender in same time for me!
9 anni fa
Frieda Artista
welch positiv geballte Energie!
und alles Liebe
jaya  suberg
9 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
wow, was ein unglaublich starkes bild! love ...jaya
Carlo D'Orta
9 anni fa
Carlo D'Orta Artista
Beautiful work, Klaus, i like theese delicated colours

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