frutos prohibidos _ prohibited fruits

frutos prohibidos _ prohibited fruits

16 drawings, pencil on Japanese paper, various sizes, resin details.

The prohibited fruit series was created as a result of the project "Ho fatto a Fioretto."This work reflects on abstinence: the motivations, mechanisms that drive, feelings or behaviors leading to that project. Abstinence from those who have a daily look at others with more mystical character, the desire of self-control over the will of the body is what is mainly seen in each of the cases. The resignations may become more commonplace in real time and encouragement to overcome challenges to achieve the desired goal.

For its realization sent a survey on this issue to different people, with the intention of sneaking into their privacy and give them a chance to reflect on this issue.
Prohibited fruits are the objects of abstinence from these people. Deprived of them seems to give them a higher value. They in turn, poison and antidote. This struggle for meaning is parallel to the same struggle to keep the people who exercised.

16 drawings that represent each item accurately. Some of them come together to form still lifes, others are isolated.

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Silvia Ragel-Serrano
9 anni fa
Genial! Me encanta el concepto y la materializacion de este sobre el papel.
jaya  suberg
9 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
Michael Pratt
9 anni fa
Michael Pratt Artista
Great concept and execution-
Maria Aristova
9 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
cool!like it!

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