Ho fatto un fioretto _ I made a sacrifice : Action and Talks

Video, Sacro / Mitologico, Documentario, 15:00
The thematic of the project is abstinence.
When I was little during Lent asked us to make a renunciation, which always boiled down to giving up what they love the children, sweets. During that time, no sweets, cakes, sweets or chocolates. These were my first practice abstinence.
After many years, back to remember, has led me to reflect on this type of practice: the motivations, the mechanisms that cause it, feelings or behaviors that cause it.
The desire for self-control over the will of the body is mainly what follows in each case.
It is here, in this context that I go back to remember and retrieve the sugar white element, pure energy for the body, functions both as a symbol of pleasure. Pleasure is the object of censorship for abstinence is that of what we do without making us feel better. We recover the original sin.
The installation consists of 2 videos.
Video Action and video Talks.

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AIPsi Cultura (Associazione Italiana di Psicoanali
9 anni fa
Brava IlariA! Anche questo tuo lavoro è molto intenso e interessante.
Matteo De Simone
Giuseppe  Di Cianni
9 anni fa

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