Yoda and the Anamorph

Yoda and the Anamorph

The Buddhist Not-Self
Satori (悟|26;) (Chinese: 悟; pinyin: wù; Korean 2724;) is a Japanese Buddhist term for "Enlightenment".

Buddhist teachings explain that our perceptions of reality are built on the foundation of ego. In essence, the greatest obstacle to enlightenment is the self.

The self is a worldly illusion created by desires and needs. The self, is a construction built on social conventions and personal history.

Satori is consciousness free of ego and it depends on complete identification with the not-self.

Yoda and the Anamorph uses the precise language of mathematics to encapsulate the deeply complex and temporal “not-self”.
Here's another way of looking at it
Yoda and the Anamorph is a religious Jedi piece. It took over 1 billion calculations to produce this sculpture and in hindsight it would probably have been easier to go straight for Buddhist enlightenment.

“Looking? Found someone you have, eh?” – Yoda, Star Wars

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Giovanni Longo
9 anni fa
Giovanni Longo Artista
Arte Laguna 2009..fantastic artwork.. :)
Maria Aristova
9 anni fa
Maria Aristova Artista
like it!

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