vertical horizontal

vertical horizontal

In the digital Fotocollages "Vertical/Horizontal" the Vertical and the Horizontal
are shown as counterpart, which are switching to another dimension.
They stand in the symbolical viewpoint for the same orderlayer in matters of a hirarchy this pictured metaphorical in the images to solve the preassembled
paradigm and demonstrate other possibilities of geometry and in the broader sense of the fractional freezed society norms.
Above and below, as well as left and right.
The drawn line and the rectangles are integrated in the digital photographed
houses and addict therefore new objects, which are elicitated from the reality an
construated filmographical form.
The houses contacting the horizont and the amplified colours, which go into blue
release at the contemplator specific perceptual differnces.
The Blue of the sky stands for afield and aspiration and have an emotional
balancing and moderating effect.
In the circumference of the blue sky there is consistency, from this it follows
harmony, sympathy and satisfaction.
This colour brings hope and accurately this should be the medium of the pictures.

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Carlo D'Orta
9 anni fa
Carlo D'Orta Artista
Beautiful geometric abstraction
Mauro Gazzara
9 anni fa
Mauro Gazzara Artista
interessante poera complimenti! buona fortuna mauro.

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