Jack in a box

Jack in a box

Beginning with nocturnal images of London, transformed into chaotic, meticulous and timeless fantasies, the work presented here has an immersive quality. Repetitiously dissecting and reconstructing the composition, the relationship between image and pattern is explored. Isolating and abandoning reality, the connection to what may have once seemed ordinary and everyday is given a sense of importance and permanence. There is tension between reality and fiction, where the real and familiar becomes bizarre, dreamlike and staged.
There is a deliberate intent to make the subject cinematic, through an atmospheric depiction of social landscapes.

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Elena Secci
8 anni fa
Elena Secci Artista
amazing work!
jaya  suberg
9 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
you do great works, bella!!!love from berlin, jaya
9 anni fa
ANA SEKACH Artista, Pittore
molto bello! molto fine lavoro e sembra illiuminato di luce di Natale. Comlimenti!

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