'Capacities' by Stanza.

Essentially this artwork gathers data from the city (environment) this is then made virtual and then this virtual city is represented as this electronic city. A manipulation of data, that ‘powers’ all the ‘events’ 'actions' and 'processes' in the installation.The changing data creates; all the changes one experiences in the space. The moving objects, fans, changing lights, motors, noises, that you encounter in the gallery are all responding to changes in temperature, light, pressure, noise, and the sound of the environment and the city outside.

The whole gallery space becomes one large artwork made from real time city information and data. The aesthetic and feel of the space looks like an electronic city. The city is made of units, grids, repetition , building blocks. In the gallery city called 'Capacities' the leads, the wires,and cables are incorporated into the artwork to look like a city map.' Capacities' looks "designed" like a piece of urban design, a city surveyed and controlled. The whole space becomes a map to wander through. http://www.stanza.co.uk/capacities/index.html

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10 anni fa
Digicult Curatore
that's wonderful, really amazing installation, but as you said, it's not a live media nor a performance...so, unfortunately, i cannot vote for it
massimo casalini
10 anni fa
electric, ops! Electronic!!!
stanza dna
10 anni fa
stanza dna Artista

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