BURGOS (SPAIN) 29 July 2009

BURGOS (SPAIN) 29 July 2009

The 2009 Burgos bombing occurred on July 29, 2009, when at least 65 people were injured after a van bomb carrying more than 300 kg of explosive went off outside a Civil Guard barracks in the northern city of Burgos, Spain. The attack was blamed on Basque separatist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

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O. Yemi Tubi
3 anni fa
O. Yemi Tubi Artista
Amalia, I came across one of your amazing paintings. This painting shows that you are a real political painter. You are good in figurative. The rendering of the nude figure is excellent and the skin tones, like it. Your training in Florence will give you greater improvement.
massimo casalini
10 anni fa
Ciao Amalia,
this work confirm your personal pictorial language, made of symbols and dreamy atmospheres. And your painting style has a charm a feminine grace, I appreciate it.
So I can say, without doubt, you are the GRACE KELLY in Premio Celeste...
he ehe he ehe
Amalia Gil-Merino
10 anni fa
Tnks, my pleasure!
Gianfranco ferlazzo
10 anni fa
Great work!

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