Atelier (Diptych)

Atelier (Diptych)

Pittura, Interni, Olio, 70x140x5cm
diptych: one painting of the chequered floor in my atelier and another one showing the atelier with this floor-painting on the easel.
Measurements of the canvases are 70 x 70cm (2008-2010), and 30 x 40cm (2008).

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fulvio cartoni
9 anni fa
fulvio cartoni Artista
Dejan Aksentijevic
9 anni fa
My first favorites!!
Ivana Lomová
9 anni fa
Ivana Lomová Artista
Beautiful- as always, best wishes ! (Hope to meet you in N.Y.-he,he !)
9 anni fa
EleB Artista
Nice work ! Congratulations !
Carlo D'Orta
9 anni fa
Carlo D'Orta Artista
Very beautiful, compliments and voted

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