Mother Earth /Virgin Earth

Mother Earth /Virgin Earth

Grafica Digitale, Fantasia / Visionario, Politico/Sociale, Paesaggio, Processing graphics, 146x101x2cm
Mother Earth /Virgin Earth


A dolls head takes prominence
signifying fear,
playfulness, oil spills in desert
regions superimposed on cracked earth,
but a child’s doll
is nevertheless a
symbol of optimism.

“Gaia hypothesis”
Goddess born from chaos
sustainer of life,
carved by the deluge.
Desert once forest,
raped and fissured.
The mammoth phallus ,
A Rocket poised
Warping reality-
Mission planetary habitability
Its predecessor the oil spill
methane gas combustion engine.
A childs eagle eyed stare
Beamed in scary surveillance
An unbridled mask
Icecaps in retreat
Pending the eleventh hour
Where overweight delegates,
Industrial magnates
At the Copenhagen protocol
Fasten there belts
In a tidal wave
Of stringent global legislation.
The 21st century sacrificial lamb

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Mauro Gazzara
9 anni fa
Mauro Gazzara Artista
complimenti bel lavoro! mauro.
9 anni fa
EleB Artista
Very original! Congratulations!

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