Il Pagliaccio (Clown)

Modern music videos remind me soap bubbles. There's nothing behind bright cover. Using basic emotions like lust, greed, pride etc. modern pop directors are not creators, their product - is a cosmic garbige, which is just an magnetic impulse on your computer.

This video I was making like non traditional music video, but like a video art. The purpose was to show the character's emotional expression through the collage of classic paintings. Behind this pictures are emotions of millions of people and power of centuries.

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Gilberto Giardini
10 anni fa
Fantastico! You are very poetic
Egidio Granzo
10 anni fa
Egidio Granzo Artista
bello, finale fantastico, complimenti!
manuel riccardi
10 anni fa
manuel riccardi Artista
all good all good all good!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD!!My nice new friend
Deliria & Orlando
10 anni fa
Wonderfull.........I love Bosch and I like your vision
Alice Valenti
10 anni fa
Alice Valenti Artista
You are a magician, your dream-box moves me deeply.
jaya  suberg
10 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
you do soooooooooo oncredible films...i have a big geeze-skin ... thank you for this gift, love from berlin... jaya

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