America-6600 Miles-2500 Layers-12 Days

America-6600 Miles-2500 Layers-12 Days

Grafica Digitale, Paesaggio, Processing graphics, 91x61cm
America-6600 Miles-2500 Layers-12 Days

An image comprised of 2500 photographs synthesized in a chronological amalgam of travel through time and space across the USA. Opacity adjustments create a composite image where camera details dissipate and meld to produce an image with faint traces of each photograph, creating an impression of the cumulative journey.

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elisabetta minucci
8 anni fa
Sandor Csortos Szabo
9 anni fa
cool. :)
Ivan Marignoni
9 anni fa
Ivan Marignoni Artista
jaya  suberg
9 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
beautiful! love, jaya
Carlo D'Orta
9 anni fa
Carlo D'Orta Artista
Beautiful, voted

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