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30 Hours awake, my body is like a prison.
I stood awake for 30 hours, taking pictures of my-self every 5 hours.
While Time elapsed, Flesh fell.
-My feet beat time as it is, time can beat forever in the same continuous flow, for everyone. It's unlimited and infinitive, it's a unit of measurement.
- My face documents how the time changes our bodies; we cannot escape from the well established fact that time exists and if we are being, our bodies get old, tired, approaching to end.
- On my belly plays the inescapable condition of everything that has life.
Time and changes in the same place. While the time continued to beat with its constant rhythm, the signs started to disappear, at the end of the 30 hours.

My body is like a prison, it makes me remind of my human condition, whatever we own, is going to vanish.

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Giovanni Longo
9 anni fa
Giovanni Longo Artista

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