Yellow Chamber

Yellow Chamber

Installazione, Natura morta, Astratto geometrico, Paesaggio, Materiali vari, 60x200x60cm
I make intensely coloured installation, video and photographic works from arrangements of found materials and consumer goods. In this body of work objects are densely arranged and enclosed within constructed spaces to form compacted colour masses or gradations.

In my work, I create sensory experiences in the form of richly saturated installations that immerse the viewer in a kaleidoscopic or optical environment.

Systems of ordering, classification and coding are applied in the development and generation of work. Boundaries are established, which determine both what is collected and where it is collected from.

I am testing the psychological influence of colour, its effect and sensory impact upon the viewer. In the installation series 'Yellow Chamber's' a large collection of yellow objects are positioned to form an ambiguous landscape, produced using numerous mirrors which multiply and extend the objects through reflection. The colour yellow induces feelings of optimism and warmth, however it is also associated with drug-use and warning-signs, it is overpowering when used in large quantities.

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Helga Kalversberg
9 anni fa
I like your installation. Best regards

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