Mapping the mysteries

Mapping the mysteries

Grafica Digitale, Paesaggio, Processing graphics, 120x70x2cm

Tecnique mix: mediterranean sea multibeam data processing, digitalized particular of oil and acrylic painting coupled to Larry Beresford poem
Where Do I Belong?
Statement of Collaboration: Larry Beresford/Marina Iorio
Bella Vista Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 10/16/09
L.B. Where do I belong? On solid dry land, although it’s known seismically to be extremely fluid where I live in Oakland, California. English speaker, journalist, poet, American... I study processes of communication and have experienced so many examples of its breakdown in my life that I consider myself a student of ineffective communication…M. I. Actually I transformed the “Multibeam technology” (beams of acoustic waves which infer the depth of the ocean floors and “draw” its morphology) into a new form of artistic communication. The desire of man to see beyond, goes back to the beginning of mankind. I picks up the alterations that a new medium provokes in mankind and leads the way to a new sensorial interpretation, creating radically new worlds and extending our visual potential to explore the spell bounding traces of the origin of life.

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Carlo D'Orta
10 anni fa
Carlo D'Orta Artista
Belli questi tuoi lavori, molto espressivi e sintetici, in bocca al lupo

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