Where the Day goes

Installazione, Politico/Sociale, Video installazione, 50x50x60cm
By unobtrusively integrating video in the bottom of trash cans the viewer is drawn into the object. the viewer first notices the trash can, then sees video at the bottom of the can playing an endless loop of repetitive tasks. it is not obvious at first that the video is looping endlessly. the viewer watches for a while and waits with the expectation that something is going to happen. the driver will get closer to land, the stack of paperwork will get smaller, etc. But this never happens tasks occur endlessly, and this leads the viewer to realize it is literally and figuratively their time at the bottom of the trash cans.
So much more time and labor is needed outside of the normal work day in order to perform one’s job. If we think about our day, we tend to think about the small percentage of productive time. Long spans of wasted time seem to be compressed in our memories. Where the Day Goes is my attempt to move the viewer to be aware of the tasks soaking up much of their lives and how those tasks revolve around their work day. The counter productivity that goes along with meetings about meetings, constant emails and memos, and other results of micro management are all part of being a cog in a bureaucracy.

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