Broadcat 09 titles

Broadcat is an international design conference taking place on November in Barcelona.

" Right from the beginning, we gave him absolute freedom, convinced that the result would
be a pleasing surprise and just as we expected, he has managed to impress us greatly.

Above all, he conceived the piece to resemble closing credits,
presenting the event as if it was a movie, an audiovisual masterpiece in itself.
Hand-drawn illustrations and the epic ampulosity of the soundtrack are a cheeky wink
to the bizarre aesthetics of crazy science fiction films from the 70s.
The reference, not being fortuitous, intuits a curious parallelism. Just like in those films,
planet is populated by visionaries, overflowing imagination and astounding technology.
In the same manner, the travellers are impulsed by an irresistible urge to escape the mundane
in order to explore mind-bogglingly (creative) universes."

Adrián Rodríguez Broadcat Editor

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10 anni fa
ANA SEKACH Artista, Pittore
very beatifool!
Giovanni Oscar Urso
10 anni fa
Sorry but I do not understand ....
val ange
10 anni fa
val ange Premium Artista

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