A Man with Orange Umbrella

A Man with Orange Umbrella

"A Man with Orange Umbrella"(Intention for beeing distinctive, independant and self-sufficient, to follow his own way) is a part of project "Orange life". The project "Orange Life" consists of nine pictures. This project primaraly reflects not only depressive but at the same time optimisticaly bright attitude to life. Grey, daily routinous situations resonate with bright orange spot, which appears at each picture. (The number of images also mirrors the general idea of the project: we are given birth after nine months; in Christian tradition the soul meets God in nine days after death. From the beginning till the end we are accompanied by incompatible things, which still always go together - life and death, pedestrianism and bright emotions, etc.). The pictures make composition in the specified order, where the fifths image ("Life Lines") is the central one and unites eventful lines of the plot.

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