In the summer of 1971 I created one small multimedia piece for 26 days in July and August in my backyard in Philadelphia.
Each is on 8"x10" construction paper.
They are all done in pastels, ink, ebony pencil, dyes, metallic pens, acrylic, dry pigment, oil sticks and gauche.
Accomplishing this disciplined a body of more or less traditional painted work was very rewarding

I decided to repeat the exercise again in 2010 - forty years later in my backyard in Succasunna New Jersey
This time they are 9"x12".
Same media as above.
I am using Bristol and Yupo paper now.
I hope to make 50 or more in the series before the end of the summer.
The launching point for this exercise was similar to the original work which has served as the basis of my imagery library for these many years. Now that I have completed the first 30 paintings I am amazed at how this new work has evolved and flows into new directions I haven’t even taken time to think about yet as I am immersed in the creativity.
The first 26 of these are on my website at http://rickhoffmanart.com/painting10.htm (“Forty Years Later”)

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elena candoli
9 anni fa
elena candoli Artista
I like it very much!

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