Animazione, Paesaggio, Stopmotion, 1:11
Some of us sing in our bathrooms. Less common are those who spin records in the kitchen. This video, promoting a French DJ on tour in Europe, plays with the interaction between Man and object. Sometimes Man is in control, sometimes not. And music always wins in the end.

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arron liu
9 anni fa
arron liu Artista
nice !
Michael Pratt
9 anni fa
Michael Pratt Artista
really great!
Helga Kalversberg
9 anni fa
I like it very much !
Gabriele Montagano
9 anni fa
Gaudys  Laxury
9 anni fa
Gaudys Laxury Artista
Wow! Nice use of colors and love the beat!! wishes!!!
9 anni fa
Alexey TEREHOFF Artista
Congratulation, good job.

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