Destiny Recreation

Destiny Recreation

Pittura, Simbolo / Lettera, Acrilico, 130x110x4cm
The artwork portrays hopeful acts to change the course of destiny. A group of radiant women; determined, passionate, and strong-willed are holding baskets that represent their own destinies. They’re seeking change through a life full of choices, a field blooming with various tree types. Apples are the new blood they will bring to life and oranges and lemons are the prosperity gushing through them. The blank faces imply randomness and inclusion; any woman could be one of them. The Palestinian embroideries on their garments speak a lot about their unified identity. The woman holding the child represents a focal point in the painting emphasizing the bond of love and nurture. The sky symbolizes hope and the greenery resembles fertility. Armed with prosperity, love, hope, and fertility these women explore a promising path, recreating destiny.

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Souad Nasr Makhoul
7 anni fa
Waldemar Dabrowski
8 anni fa
Very nice...!

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