Video, Figura umana, Minimal, Paesaggio, Filmato, 7:28
Music: 'The sinking of the Cessna' by Cousin Silas, from his album 'Uncertainty'.

'Truth is the dream of a sleeping rock'.
Steven Norquist, 'Haunted Universe - The True Knowledge of Enlightenment'.

'One of the ‘motives’ for creation seems to be the ‘need’ of the creative principle to get to know itself, so that ‘God can see God’ or ‘Face can behold Face’'.
Stanislav Grof, ‘The Cosmic Game’.

'God is the ultimate Rorschach test, and how we interpret him, her or it says everything about how we ultimately understand life and reality'.
John Haught.

'For ordinary people, a rock is no more than a piece of earthly matter, a very tangible symbol of solidity. That same rock, for the intellectual, is mainly empty space with trillions of nuclei surrounded by electrons turning around it at incredible speeds, the symbol of an enigma which is simultaneously tangible and intangible. But for him, for the man with authentic vision, it constitutes a very tangible symbol, a concrete symbol of the intangible Truth which impregnates it and which floods and permeates everything.
Banamali Lahiry, 'The Quest for Truth'.
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