I've had an idea for a long time to make a pseudo–3D, to animate photos. I worked on this project for five years, studying the essential methods and testing the graphics. And when I heard the LIGHTS song I realized that the video should be Soviet retro.

At first I searched for some old soviet shots of my family photo-archives. Then I asked my friends to find some private snaps in their albums from that time - they began bringing me old black-and-white and rough color photos.

Soon Nashe Radio (the main Russian rock station) joined the search process: after the announcement on the radiowave and on the site thousands of photos were sent to me from people who were raised in the USSR.

I looked at tons of photos and I then I realized that my initial intention to make a a strict black-and-white music video was not very accurate. Contrary, my childhood was very bright and colorful. That's why I decided to paint almost every shot in the end...

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9 anni fa
Alexey CONGRATULATIONS ))))) I liked your video so much I shared it on my fb wall :) It reminded me on the "pink" childhood & sweet memories of the ex-Yougoslavia...Excellent editing !
Maria Petrucci
9 anni fa
Maria Petrucci Artista
complimenti per questo splendido lavoro!!!
Maura migliorini
9 anni fa
complimenti!!!! VOTATO!!!!SUPER!
Gilberto Giardini
9 anni fa
SUPER!! :-)
Julie Meitz
9 anni fa
Julie Meitz Artista
" make a pseudo–3D, to animate photos. I worked on this project for five years..." it shows!!! I was amazed to see it sooo 3-D!!! Your hard work paid off, brilliant skills you have, I'm envious! hi hi ;-)
Egidio Granzo
9 anni fa
Egidio Granzo Artista
9 anni fa
ANA SEKACH Artista, Pittore
mi sembra che riconosco imagine di ) magio, kreiser Avrora, ho sbaglio?? riconosco la mia infanzia... Provo un puo nostalgia quando guardo a questo foto. Complimenti Aleksej, il tuo foto straordinario. Dispiace che possiamo votare soltanto una volta, darei decci voti! Bravissimo! buona fortuna a te!
Bettina Patermo
9 anni fa
Bettina Patermo Artista
fascinating and amazing, very unique !!!!!
Alberto Maccari
9 anni fa
Alberto Maccari Artista
very nice execution
Sandor Csortos Szabo
9 anni fa
Very good! Congratulation.

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