Before the Storm

Before the Storm

Pittura, Piante, Tecnica mista, 132x100x1.5cm
Oil and resin on 4 acrylic panels.
Inspired by the dutch landscape, in this painting I tried to recreate the energy, beauty and electricity just moments before a storm.
The trees have a translucent and slight 3D effect that the camera may not have captured completely.

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Barbara Ghisi
9 anni fa
Notevole, vibrante e molto interessante.
Mauro Gazzara
9 anni fa
Mauro Gazzara Artista
interessante pezzo complimenti, votato, buona fortuna mauro.
Helga Kalversberg
9 anni fa
Before the Storm I like it. Saluti
Gaudys  Laxury
9 anni fa
Gaudys Laxury Artista
Electrical!! My compliments!

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