Pittura, Nudo, Figura umana, Simbolo / Lettera, Tecnica mista, 150x100cm
This canvas was painted as an hommage to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.The title "Powerland" wants to simbolize Berlin during the cold war as a playground for political forces. The woman is the "land", the playground. Her position is the same of the crucifixion, to remind of the pain and the sacrifice of the people experiencing the division of the wall. Hidden under the colour, at the place of her heart, there is a small map of the city, divided in East and West side. The poker's fishes and the dices want to underline the idea of playing and risking. The writing below the body is taken from a song of Michael Jackson, who died the same year of the fall of the Berlin wall anniversary.

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Ronnie Tres Reyes
9 anni fa
wonderful the story, concept and execution!

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