ADAM UND EVA  II (wisst ihr, was ihr seht?)

ADAM UND EVA II (wisst ihr, was ihr seht?)

Currently I am occupying with human development and I start my series with the beginning of evolution. I have a very own view of things and would like to put my fantasy structures in my painting for discussion.
The second picture shows insight into a stage where there had been no human traces in the universe.
Here on this picture the deity released two structures which are still connected. They look like glass. Out of their transparent bodies flow fluorescent particles.
The insubstantial figures are still hanging on the giant brain. Before they are freed from the tentacles the Deity has scanned both.
So they will be observed on their way of their further developments.

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Emilio Lovisa
9 anni fa
Emilio Lovisa Artista, Fotografo
Well done Gabriele. I think you achieved your vision.
10 anni fa
brava mondo surreale .
Gabriele Koch
10 anni fa
Gabriele Koch Artista
Vielen dank, liebe Christiane für dein Kompliment!
Liebe Grüße und viel Glück für dein künstlerisches Wirken.
Christiane Bernreuther
10 anni fa
Hallo Gabriele! Gratulation, wieder ein wunderbares Werk!

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