Spider Solitaire. Digital Art

Spider Solitaire. Digital Art

Pittura, Illustrazione, 100x60cm
The reason for the Action will be heard by the author of the history that the development of computer solitaire helps in the overall master computer.
The authors are interested the possibility to generate a computer image beyond the monitor in another way than print, in order to try to soften the boundaries between programs and a live human activity.
Attention was directed to computer games (namely, the most popular is the Klondike and Spider) as the most common specie of the free minutes are not taken directly to the work zagadyvaniya desire (sometimes formed in the mind, sometimes not) or on the basis of heard stories in the Anyway, the expansion of communications of its own.
Therefore, the aim was set fixing the final expected result with the condition of combining painting and computer programs, the independence of the random alignment of security and optimism sent to the execution of intentions.
The medium is the "computer art on the contrary,
when the image on the monitor is considered as a separate object.
Goal-direction of the viewer's consciousness to polzhitelnomu spirit, to calm, to trust.

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