Pittura, Paesaggio, Tecnica mista, 90x60cm

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Tanya Bartolini
7 anni fa
solo dentro alla tua grandissima opera solo in quel momento in quel luogo magico in quel posto incantato solo allora deciderò il mio futuro con te ... che incanto che poesia la senti la musica mentre osservo la straordinaria opera sei grande immensa sei tutti noi ...Tanya
10 anni fa
EleB Artista
Wonderful work!
Luminita D
10 anni fa
Luminita D Artista
Thank you dear Emily, you are always so kind and you speak always from the deepest part from the heart, your speach is always a lesson about life,love, about harmony in general. Thank you!I am very happy you like this painting becouse for me it means a lot, the title is "the proposal" becouse in this place my husband asked me two years ago to marry him,it was a beautiful and sunny day even if it was in november, it was one of our presents from God..Thank you dear friend Emily!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
10 anni fa
Beautiful nature in our life to love has to painted from your heart to share. Life we live is to share. Came with nothing and will as having anything in this life. But for sure we have time in this life to love the nature through your loving heart to share. It has its movement of nature and it is well create to share the life of the nature. Wonderful nature has recreated through your heart to share is my gratitude!!!

Your friend emily eunjue hayes

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