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10 anni fa
EleB Artista
I like it very much!
Luminita D
10 anni fa
Luminita D Artista
Dear Emily, you are so much right, this eye represents our "mother/father" who always take care of us in every little step we make in this life, in every lesson from this "game" He/She is always there and never abandon us, He is the pure and infinit Love, He is everything... He is in us too and as a good father he tries to make us to open our eyes too.. Thank you dear friend for your comment, I appreciate it very very much!
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
10 anni fa
Intelligence,god,higher power...etc. In our life there are eyes. Who sees it all through life with its love. In our spirit heart is also eye. It sees it all through our life. Direct us to love, fairness,togetherness. It is like mother watching a child to motivate and to share their concern they are here with us closely. In our heart to nature every where in this life with their kind love, there are eyes watching over us to share their affection in this life. Love your eye of nature of love!

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