Feet n.6

Feet n.6

Disegno, Bellezza, Figura umana, Idee, Libertà, Grafite, 35x50cm
I love the details in everything
I think it's the details that make the difference
when I look at a woman I am naturally inclined to notice the slightest details
in fact, often the most hidden elements, like pieces of a puzzle, help me to conduct the first investigation of that particular person
these “pieces” become very precious allies to open up the mystery that every woman keeps in the depths of her own personality
the friend to whom I asked to pose joined me in my studio in Sicily some years ago
she was dressed in a very casual style
the situation, in fact, did not require any special clothing
from the shoes with very low heels that she fitted I immediately noticed a small ring that she wore in her right toe and a bracelet that crowned her ankle
I decided to not let my model assuming a particular pose but, on the contrary, to let her place her feet as she preferred and to concentrate my attention on the details, to focus on the things that struck me most, on those details that had changed my plans and that had modified my initial idea and dictated the subject of my drawing
For this reason, in this artwork, I conducted a true obsessive analysis of all the signs, all the lines, all the nerves and the muscles of the model's foot that ended up tracing furrows that my pencil was cleverly able to capture

Let me know what do you think about this artwork! Do you like it? Yes or No?
What do you like most about it? "Feet n.6" graphite on panel, 2016, Giuseppe Alletto

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