Window Julian Assange (November 2019)

Window Julian Assange (November 2019)

Pittura, Politico/Sociale, Acrilico, 50x50x2cm

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Justin Stansfield
2 mesi fa
I wanted to capture something that was equal to the plight of Julian Assange. To paint him triumphant in light of his dark situation. This was false, because he is in grave danger of losing his life at the hands of the murderous anti democratic system. An inverted totalitarianism as put forward by Sheldon Wolin. An inverted swastika went over his face. A face blurred and distraught. This was a negative image, and so to redeem the image and Julian himself, I added black tape to the inverted swastika and this created a window. A window has been forever opened on a world that is systematically hidden from view.

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