Installazione, Viaggi, Politico/Sociale, Idee, Figura umana, Video installazione, 70x150x10cm
“Pornography means "to draw prostitutes" or rather giving a positive image of ourselves. Nowadays it is especially visible on the Web. We will try to prove this thesis by giving life to a virtual Narcissus whose Facebook profile will be faultless. Credible information will be added to it and later, sending as much friendship requests as possible, it will have many unknown friends. It will be asked them to make a video interview. The information will be projected on a mask of glass, so that the interviewees verbally interact. The mask will come to life, bringing us back to the ancient etymology of the word "person", which means "mask" or "character" in Latin."

Stefano Bullo & Ester Marano

EGE final exhibition

Murano Glass Museum (Italy) from the 18th April 2015 to the 7th June 2015.

Ester Marano e STEFANO BULLO
visual Artist

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