The First and Last Time Together

In my final work exhibited in Camberwell College of Arts Degree Show, The Last and First Time Together (1989/2006,2018), I inspect my parents’ wedding video recorded on a VHS cassette in 1989. I have never seen my parents together and working with the video was an expedition for me, to see them in a time before their separation. On the film, I read a letter written by my mother year 2006, where she explains why she divorced my father soon after the wedding. In the film, my purpose is to contrast these traces setting up of a triangular dynamic: the slippage of time between present, just-past and future. I hope that the work leaves a space for the viewer, so that the viewer can take the role of the observer or engage with the ambiguous story telling on an intimate level.

Thus, the archive material became a raw material of sorts, with which I have carved my memory as an editor and a director, creating alternative autobiographical narratives by sculpting memory.

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