The Past and Future of Our Love - SOLD

The Past and Future of Our Love - SOLD

Pittura, Memoria, Amore, Paesaggio, Emozione, Acrilico, 60x60x1.5cm
Acrylic on Wood Panel

With my abstract works – typically muted, evocative landscapes and seascapes invented from memory and nature, I work to create a sense of mood and atmosphere. Inspiration for these pieces comes primarily from the time I spend in Catalunya – the stunning landscape of mountains and sea, and poetry that deeply resonates with me – phrases that create a visceral reaction. In rather not so elegant terms, words that quite literally send a buzz up my spine or a chill down my arm. The words arrive long before the painting.

Repetition. Reduction. Minimalism. I typically use two or three colors at most in these works – only varying the tint and shade. Working to capture shadow and light, I paint in thin washes. Multiple layers are reduced, wiped away, and then painted over, again and again. With thin washes of paint, the underlying vivid white of gesso primer comes through, giving the paintings a glow from within. And, the wood grain seeps through, becoming an integral part of the final work. Irregularities in the grain, the occasional blemish, are transformed into something with a certain imperfect beauty, making each piece unique. The final results evoke ethereal, dreamy, emotional landscapes – each work a small meditation, a visual poem.

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