Séries noir et blanc ou séries couleurs ?

Séries noir et blanc ou séries couleurs ?

Non potevo scegliere, quindi ogni volta che ho scattato la stessa foto prima in bianco e nero, poi a colori!

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Maristella  Angeli
2 anni fa
Maristella Angeli Premium Artista, Pittore
Toutes le deux: sont magnifiques!
Patrick Smith
2 anni fa
I agree with Nanouk, Maria and Rudolf..(I'll probably get more sarcastic comments for this but) the first one is so good you can smell the spring air..until I dragged myself away and came to #4 where the blue was overwhelmingly pleasing..#1,2,3,and 4 (with that marvellously open space of clear sky) on the horizon made me think of infinity and optimism..amazing!
Rudolf Lichtenegger
2 anni fa
Très, très beau, si noir et blanc ou couleur - tout simplement magnifique!!!!!
Maria Elena  Ritorto
2 anni fa
simplement magnifique!
Nanouk Reicht
2 anni fa
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Le tout est très beau !

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